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The leader of Squad 3 also had trouble controlling Simon. Squad 3's victory and losses all depended on Simon's battle strength. This was a rare sight to see amongst second years who were led by squad leaders.


Karlheinz had known about Han. He was the Asian boy who ranked the highest in weapon arts. However, he never thought that he would be done in by the likes of Kuro.


Han gathered the group leaders together. The youths quickly set up a command structure within the group. The squad leader, Han, would be commanding, with the other youths grouped into three- or four-member teams.


The Elu was tired. It had been such a long time since it had been captured to this underground facility that it couldn't remember its life outside of this place. It mourned and lamented every moment from pain and suffering.


However, when a soldier dies in war, it's not just the number that decreases. That person's future is also ended. This would affect everyone that had relations to the deceased soldier.


"As you already understand, you have three weeks. In three weeks, if you are unable to manifest your psychic powers then you will be sent home."

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Han didn't wish to lose another person in his life. The drill instructor's death swirled in his mind. All of Squad 10 had died upon the plane explosion. A human's life could instantly disappear in vain. Han had known of this reality already.


Sergeant Red stuck a cigar between his lips instead of replying. He lit the cigar.


Han had completely spent all of the psychic energy he could manifest. He didn't have superior psychic skills at all, so he needed to continuously and objectively calculate as he battled.


"We're able to execute more elaborate battle tactics now that we have more members in our squad. However, I'm not able to control the situation by myself anymore. I need you guys to make the calls for minor interruptions along the way."


"Good. Dimitri, secure the ammunition. How many inspectors has everyone secured?


Han firmly bit down onto his thumb. Blood flowed out of his skin. He attempted to distract his mind from the terror which enwrapped this place.


The members of Squad 13 only carried their knives with them. However, they were psykers. Even though they didn't have saws, they were capable of carpentry. They broke and cut the trees and made sharp wooden swords and spears. They sharpened long, sturdy sticks to construct barricades that they dug into the ground, and set a trap by hiding them in forest foliage.



Simon said no more and went to return to his original position. After the formation of Squad Whiskey, Simon and Han had settled their differences a great deal.



Han surveyed his surroundings and walked deeper into the island. There were too many watchful eyes at shore and the wind was too strong.


"I'm going to crawl through the air vent and attack them from the back. They will focus their shots at the air vent, take that moment to oppress them. Everyone, save your psychic powers."


Han continued to practice shooting in various positions. He was not used to shooting while moving, and made lots of mistakes. But, all shots while stationary were superb.

  • It struck through half of Heralds neck. Corporal Zhai shot his gun in wrath.
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