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On the flip side, there were some who could naturally use psychic powers without training. It was as easy as breathing for them.


Now it was time for adults to commence psychological warfare to extract as much information from one another while pretending to smile. Han sat by himself and waited for the command by the squad leader.


"There will be a three day long inspection by the higher-ups, beginning tomorrow. They have requested to inspect the second years of Ark due to recent events at the dimensional crack."


Han had remained quiet and docile ever since he had been incorporated into the seventh squad. He had been forming battle tactics for the sake of his squad inside his room. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


"The remnant minions that we have been fighting against are low ranking Elu hunters. Following the war, an Elu mage has never made an appearance so this must have a deeper meaning."


Han sent the hefty amount of data he had compiled of their basic war tactics, variables, and speculations on how these tactics would work through his data bracelet. The amount of data was no joke.

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The eighth training grounds were located inside an overgrown forest. The artificial forest trees stood tall to make one reminisce of the northern European forests. The forest scent wafted thickly. Squad 9 and 13 were on standby at opposite ends of the forest.


He had a flexible, unique way of thinking. It was important to gather as much data and information in new and unfamiliar places. If he didn't do so, he wouldn't have been able to survive all this time.


A good commander cannot be defined by one word. There are all kinds of complex factors that must work together in harmony. You could set up a library if one were to compile all the idiotic mistakes that graduate officers had made.


'This isn't easy at all. All the squad leaders are keeping their guard up against the thirteenth squad. They dislike the idea of having one of their members stolen from them.'


"I have two days worth of food supplies. If I eat this sparingly I won't have a problem for about a week."


The military operations that squads are deployed to are often times these sort of simple missions. The third years and P.F. veterans would go out together for the sake of acquiring battle experience. Real life battle experience was more important than any amount of institutional training.


Han's eyes sank lower. His past suddenly flashed into his mind. He had been starving for over a week. As a last resort, Han had snuck into the security forces to steal their food provisions. He was caught in the end and transferred to the police. They beat him ruthlessly, but he tenaciously continued to try and escape. If he could not deliver food, then his younger siblings would starve to death.



Atop a tall tree, the parachute lines had tangled into a huge mess. Just below, a dark skinned fellow could be seen hanging. It was Kuro.



While Sergeant Red and Simon rested, Han and Silence maintained watch. The forest was quiet and occasionally they would see wild animals. Han understood this was South Korea's territory, but it felt like foreign land. The North Korea he had lived in was a decaying jungle-like city. He could only see the shining huge cities from far away.


Upon Sergeant Red's command the children efficiently assembled into rows. There had been 73 children, but now only 25 children remained. Within these three weeks, the children had changed drastically. Their behavior and the focus of their eyes seemed sharper. They always remained alert, ready for their next command.


Sergeant Red who had been silently listening said while laughing. drill instructor Wei glared at Sergeant Red. drill instructor Wei played a video clip.

  • "I know it's kind of awkward to say this now, but I think I just obtained my unique skill."
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