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Kijo didn't speak in English, but Korean. Han received a strange feeling from him. The familiar Korean words flowed to his ears. He let out a sigh and sat down.


"I can't be strong minded like you. I can't help but remember those people when I go to sleep. They said it's my fault that they're dying, they keep whispering things."


Han blearily blinked his eyes. Han could see an afterimage of the Elu mage through the pillars of lights streaming out from the crack. The Elu mage didn't even imagine that someone would appear from behind them. It only focused on the enemies attacking from the front.


-We've confirmed that the enemy forces are heading toward the first year defense shelter. The enemy has given up on attacking the second years, and have diverted their attack toward the first years. The only military forces that are able to provide aid to stop the enemy are the second year squads. Do you understand?


When Schwartz was assigned a new squad, he organized Han's profile files and read through them. There was a reason that he was transferred up into the third year at record speed, even with such a low psychic ability.


The trivial rivalry between the squads had become meaningless. They were all youths of Ark. They had seen for themselves, their one true enemy. They were merciless and cruel beings from another world.

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Han registered an application form to the second year instructor. The instructors assumed it had been a request of squad transfer. The application had shocked everyone. Han had applied for permission to form a new squad of his own.


The Elu mage that had been hosting the ceremony stopped his movements. The Elu mage slowly turned around. He had sensed a different kind of psychic energy. The Elu mage peered towards Han. The mage was certain that there was an intruder in that spot.


"They are only useful for obstructing their path. I have said that they materialize in an illusionary, dream-like form."


The fatigued youths mumbled. Only three minutes had passed, and in that short moment, they had been near death more times than they could possibly count.


"No, class B is better. He has low psychic ability, but can keep up with the students of class A and B."


"Good news as a result of a tragedy. We have discovered a promising talent."


Han and Squad 13 marched toward the urban city, squad mock battle zone. This place would have the much needed battle gear and equipment necessary to make cover shelters before permanently settling into the fourth battle ground.



Ark was established for the sake of humanity's continued existence. They were the top stronghold with the best chance at defeating dragons on earth.



However, Han had reacted the moment he turned the corner as soon as he saw the grenade launcher being shot. He himself, had no confidence to be able to react with such speed.


Squad leader Kato Souki had a severe case of neurosis as a result of the brutal battles. He had just witnessed numerous members of his squad die as a result of his commands. He was having trouble coping mentally.


He also had a flexible easy going personality, so he could be paired with any type of person in the squad.

  • Two days later, squad 7 and 13 would hold their aerial battle. Squad 7's eyes looked murderous. They prepared themselves while determined to obtain victory. Squad 7 had trained solely for the aerial battle the last two days. They had delayed all other training drills and lectures while dedicating themselves completely for the forthcoming competition.
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